“Immoral, perversion of our national policy”: Subramanian Swamy launches stunning attack on own government for EU MPs’ propaganda visit to Kashmir

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has launched a stunning attack against his own government at the Centre for allowing lawmakers from the European Union to visit Kashmir as part of a fully-paid trip by one international broker, Madi Sharma. Swamy termed the visit by EU MPs to Kashmir ‘a perversion’ of India’s national policy and ‘immoral.’

The outspoken BJP MP wrote before leaving for Trinidad in West Indies, “I am surprised that the MEA has arranged for European Union MPs, in their private capacity [Not EU’s official delegation],to visit Kashmir area of J&K. This is a perversion of our national policy. I urge the Government cancel this visit because it is immoral.”

Swamy’s criticism assumes significance since all 27 EU MPs were accorded a VIP treatment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself when he met them at his residence on Monday before flaunting a group photo with them.

Meanwhile, a leaked letter written to Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies has exposed the real motive behind the so-called delegation of 27 EU MPs visiting Kashmir on Tuesday. The said letter has brought the role of one ‘international broker’ Madi Sharma under the scanner. The letter released by Davies shows how Sharma had extended the invitation to EU MPs to visit India on a fully sponsored trip and take part in a ‘prestigious VIP meeting with the Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Narendra Modi.’

Madi Sharma trended on social media after Janta Ka Reporter highlighted her role in pulling off spectacular propaganda on behalf of the government. Many social media users compared her the infamous power broker Nira Radia, whose leaked audio had caused a huge national controversy in India many years ago.

22 out of 27 EU lawmakers belong to far-right political parties of Europe.

In another development, Davies on Tuesday alleged that the invitation to him by the international broker, Sharma, was withdrawn three days after he received the mail from her. He said that he was not prepared to take part in ‘a PR stunt for the Modi government and pretend that all is well (in Kashmir).’

Source: Janta Ka Raporter


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