I have never seen a simple man like Rahul Bhai: Navjot Singh Siddhu


Congress leaders have objected to the remarks made by BJP leaders over Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s “expensive” jacket. It has been reported in the media that Rahul wears a 70000/- jacket in Meghalaya. Gandhi clarified that this was a borrowed jacket.

Senior Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu said that Did they go to see the bill when Rahul Gandhi was buying the jacket?How do they know? I have never seen a man like Rahul Bhai who lives such a simple life while sitting on such important post.

Rahul Gandhi in Shillong talked about women empowerment and other issues. He said,”One of the most important thing to be done in the Congress is to balance the number of men we put to fight election & the number of women. I would like to invite women to join the party in #Meghalaya so that we have more & more women to choose from.”

He said that present GST is not proper and if Congress regain power at the centre, it will change the structure of it. He also criticized RSS for not empowering women. He said,”RSS idea aimed at dis-empowering women. Does anyone know how many leadership positions are with women in RSS? Zero. If you see pix of Mahatma Gandhi you’ll find women on this side, this side but if you see pix of Mohan Bhagwat, he’ll be alone or surrounded by men.We are fighting RSS ideology across the nation. Idea is that one form of thinking is imposed on the country. What BJP & RSS is doing in all over India & particularly in North-east is attempting to undermine your culture, language & way of life.”