‘I drink cow urine every day. That is why I do not have coronavirus right now’: BJP MP Pragya Thakur

Some members of the ruling party continue to make scientifically unsubstantiated claims.

Pragya Singh Thakur, the BJP MP from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has said that drinking cow urine protects from lung infection and can also be beneficial against coronavirus. A video of Thakur speaking to a gathering has been widely circulated on social media. The MP was not wearing a mask during her address.

“If we drink the urine of Indian cows, it reduces infection in our lungs,” Thakur said. “I drink it every day. That is why I do not have coronavirus right now.”

Thakur’s statement comes at a time when the Indian Medical Association has clearly specified that there is no scientific evidence to prove that cow dung or urine helps with the treatment or prevention of Covid-19.

“There is no concrete scientific evidence that cow dung or urine work to boost immunity against COVID-19, it is based entirely on belief,” Dr JA Jayalal, national president at the Indian Medical Association, was quoted as saying by The Wire.

Source: Scroll


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