This Hyderabad man serves free food to poor


Hyderabad.  A local, Hyder Moosvi, along with his team, is serving free food to the poor and needy here in Hyderabad.
Hyder began the initiative in 2015 when they started distributing food packets eight to ten times in a month.
However, from March last year, the team began distributing food packets daily, against a preparation cost of Rs. 40 per food packet, amounting to expenses worth Rs. 1.2 lakh per month.
“We started food distribution in the year 2015, but at that time we use to distribute eight to ten times in a month. From 31 March 2017, we started distributing food daily at Dabeerpura bridge. People who can’t afford food come here from various places, stand in line and take food packets,” he told ANI.
Moosvi further noted that if the team falls short of funds, a member from within the team itself pitches money to cover up the shortfall.
“We are really happy to serve those in need,” he added.



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