‘Heartwarming’: Hindu Farmers Help Douse Acres of Burning Crops of Muslim Brethren in MP

The farms belonged to the Muslim farmers, who were away for offering namaz at the time.

At a time when communal flare-ups are quite common, Hindu farmers presented an example of communal harmony saving standing crops belonging to Muslim farmers in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh from a raging fire. A spark emanated from a harvester had engulfed crops spread across several acres in village Satpada Sarai in Vidisha on Friday.

The farms belonged to the Muslim farmers who were away for offering namaz at the time. However, Hindu farmers who were around stood up to the occasion and made timely efforts to douse the raging fire which could have gutted standing crops in 300 bigha areas.

Due to this timely effort, the damage was limited to only 25 bigahs. Muslims were all praises for fellow Hindu farmers after the incident. Raees Ahmed, a representative of the local sarpanch, said: “It was quite heartening that Hindu brothers ensured that we did not have to abandon our prayers midway through and made hectic efforts to douse the fire and save our crops”.

Several rescuers claimed that farming has no religion and they are farmers first, Hindu and Muslim later. Amid steep rise in the mercury, standing crops have been gutted in several districts including Dewas, Ujjain, Jabalpur and others in the last few days.

Source: News18


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