The government is simply sucking your blood: P. Chidambaram


New Delhi: Former Union finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram hit out at the Central government over its budget. He dubbed the budget as a “blood-sucking” dispensation, and said “a new government” was the answer to all the problems the country was facing. He csaid that Central government had been a “terrible patient, unwilling or incapable of listening to a good doctor”.

He was addressing a seminar on the “State of Indian Economy” which was organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Development Studies. He said,”The government is simply sucking your blood by constantly raising the excise duty on petrol and diesel,”. He also claimed,”the whole state of the economy…if Dr Arvind Subramanian has the freedom to pronounce…he will say the patient is very very ill. The patient may not be terminally ill, but the patient is very ill…”

He also attacked the BJP led government through tweets. He tweeted,”World Bank’s former Chief Economist Dr Kaushik Basu said India’s growth rate was lower than the 30-year average. FM says that growth rate is better!”. “What is the average of 4 years of NDA? It is 7.3 under new methodology and lower than UPA’s 10 year average,” he tweeted separately.

He also question the direction of NDA’s growth rate as well. He tweeted,”What is the direction of NDA’s growth rate? Investments? Savings? Credit growth? All downward.”