Government has created a ‘fear psychosis’ among opposition also: Ghulam Nabi Azad


New Delhi: The opposition in the Rajya Sabha accused the BJP-led government of creating a “fear psychosis” among the people. Participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks for the President’s address, Leader of Oppositon Ghulam Nabi Azad attacked the government for creating fear, not only among people but also among the bureaucrats and opposition leaders. “A fear psychosis has set in. You cannot see when you are in power. If someone is scared to talk to the Opposition or transact with them, it is not good for democracy or freedom of speech or even freedom of business,” he said.

He also criticised the government over renaming some of the schemes of earlier governments. He said, “It is not a “game changer” but a “name changer government” which has failed to deliver on all fronts be it providing relief to farmers and poor, generate jobs or addressing the Kashmir issue, Congress”.

He also claimed,”opposition party leaders were being treated as “potential terrorists” and their phones were being tapped. “No one today talks to me over phone because they say your phone is tapped,” he claimed.

The leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha alleged that BJP is trying to divide societies. He said,”You have divided Shias and Sunnis. Now, you are dividing husband and wife. You cannot polarise the nation. … What kind of division are you involved in? Why are you intimidating the minority community who are victims of fear psychosis?” “You should spare some section. We don’t want this New India. You have polarised it. Return us India of Gandhi where no fear existed,”.