God alone can save us: Health minister Sriramulu after Karnataka’s virus deaths climb

In a matter of just 5 days, Karnataka has nearly 14,000 fresh cases and 388 deaths.

On Wednesday it had reported 3176, on Tuesday it had 2,496, on Monday it had 2,738, on Sunday it had 2,627 cases and on Saturday it had 2,798 fresh cases all adding up to 13,835 cases. The death toll in the state is another major factor of worry for the health officials.

A whopping 388 deaths were reported in the last 5 days, with 87 getting reported on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, responding to criticisms over the state’s handling of the coronavirus situation, Karnataka health minister B Sriramulu said that curbing the spread of virus was not in anybody’s hands. Referring to the rising number of COVID19 cases in the state, he said “God alone can save us”.

As the state imposed lockdown in Bengaluru and few other districts, fresh Corona positive cases crossed the 3,000 mark and stood at 3,176. This is the first time  fresh cases crossed 3,000 mark in Karnataka. The state is on the verge of 50,000 cases and till date, has 47,253 total Corona positive cases.

Bengaluru was just short of 25 cases to reach the 2,000 mark. It reported 1,975 fresh cases since Tuesday evening.

The state recorded its first case on March 8 and in 108 days the cases have swelled up and crossed 10,000 mark on June 24. Three weeks from June 24, the total fresh Coronavirus positive cases in the state have swelled to 47,253, on an average of adding more than 12,000 cases in a week.

Without admitting the community spread, the state continues to be in denial and the cases mounted every passing day which could have been curtailed. Health officials are hoping that they curtail the spread in this lockdown in Bengaluru which has become a Corona churning factory.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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