German Student at IIT Madras Asked to Leave or Face Deportation After Participating in Anti-CAA Protest

Jacob Lindenthal said immigration officials in Chennai informed him that his taking part in protest was in violation of visa rules and asked him leave the country.

Chennai: Jacob Lindenthal, a post-graduate student of physics at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT Madras), left for Amsterdam on Monday after his participation in an anti-Citizenship Act (CAA) protest last week landed him in trouble with the immigration department.

Officers in Chennai informed him his taking part in protest was in violation of visa rules. “There were apparently administration issues with my visa. After ruling these out, I was extensively questioned by the immigration officer about my political opinions. Then I was informed about the decision (asking him to leave),” he told News18.

Lindenthal left for the Dutch capital on Monday night as the immigration department asked him to leave the country by midnight or face deportation, he said.

“I was in Bengaluru this weekend. My coordinator told me today (Monday) that I should go to the immigration office. I went there and was told that I have to leave the country. This happened at 2pm today and I had to leave IIT Madras campus at 3pm. I have to consult my lawyers and decide my next course of action,” he said.

When asked about his participation in the rallies so far, he said, “I just accompanied my friends. I didn’t raise any opinion or opposition. Since Section 144 was not imposed, I just went with friends to Chepauk and Valluvar Kottam.”

However, Lindenthal added that when he was interviewed by mediapersons during the demonstrations, his statements were based on the Indian Constitution. Reply to queries by e-mail is awaited from IIT Madras.

Source: News18


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