Gaurakshak charges illegal money for carrying meat, attacks Muslim driver for not paying

25th Sep 2016 : 6.19 PM Times Headline

An Ahmedabad based auto-richshaw driver, Sabir Patel, was allegedly attacked by Gaurakshak gang with iron pipes for not paying them ‘hafta’ of to ferry the meat.

In Modi’s Gujarat Gaurakshak strikes again and attacked a Muslim driver for not paying Hafta to them. It is an interesting case where Gaurakshak charges hafta for carrying meat of animals. This incident happened yesterday, September 24th. He was admitted to VS Hospital where Jan Sangharsh Manch activist Pathan Shamshad along with advocates Imtiyaz Khan, Aejaz Ansari, Mohammedvasim Jakierhusen Abbasi visited the victim for further inquiry.

What the Victim says ?
According to the victim, he was attacked by a Gau Rakshak Raju Sathwara and his gang near Vithalpur chokdi in Sanand taluka to extort hafta in return for letting him ferry the meat of buffalo and blue bull.
In his statement Press, he stated:
“There were four people who chased me in a white luxury car. They pulled up their car in front of my autorickshaw at Vithlapur chakdi. Suddenly, one of them kicked me from behind and as I fell down, Sathwara started beating me with an iron rod studded with metal shrapnel and bolts. They told me if I don’t pay them hafta, I will meet the fate of Ayyub, who was murdered by gau rakshaks.”

When asked why gau rakshak were asking for hafta from him, he said, “I used to ferry meat of buffalo and blue bulls in my auto rickshaw. They used to take hafta of Rs 15,000 for allowing me to ferry the meat.”

This is the second attack by Gau Rakshaks in the last two weeks after Mohd Ayyub succumbed to a brutal attack by Gau Rakshaks on September 17th.

The attacks on Dalits and Muslims continued and yesterday, a pregnant woman was kicked her in her stomach and her family was beaten in Gujarat just yesterday for refusing to pick up cow carcasses.


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