Fake News by News 18 India accused Muslims of hoisting Pakistani Flag

News 18 India published Islamic Flag as Pakistani Flag


New Delhi/Lucknow: 22 July 2017

India is witnessing Post truth age where fake things are represented as true without any shame. Many channels and News websites have caused deliberated enmity between communities by falsely showing Muslims in bad light.

Now News 18 India, through its twitter has published highly communal news casting allegations over Indian Muslims. Channel has alleged that a Pakistani flag was hoisted in Uttar Paradesh, India where as on inquiry it turned out to be a normal green Flag.

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See official twitter account of News 18 India here.

The incident is related to Gonda Distt in Uttar Paradesh of India, where a green flag was being hoisted by someone on electric Poll, which catches the eyes of News 18 India’s irresponsible reporter who took the pic and send it to the channel and channel without verifying it published it as News on its Website and twitter account with a headline in Hindi (#UttarPradesh गोंडा: बिजली के पोल पर लहराया पाकिस्तानी झंडा, मचा हड़कंप) Pakistani Flag on electric Poll in Gonda Uttar Paradesh caused Furore.

Reading it, UP Police Twitter account became active and start tweeting its officials to take action but soon people raised an alarm that it was not Pakistani flag but a common green flag normally hoisted by Muslims during festivals , Police later tweeted that after inquiry they concluded that it is not Pakistani Flag and only Muslim Kalima is written over it.

People demanded from Police to take action against channel but to no avail, there was no reply from the hyper active Police of UP which tweeted and became active to take action against those who hoisted the Flag.



By the time of writing this news the News has been deleted from Website of News 18 India and the google results shows the title of News. The twitter account of channel still carries the tweet about fake news.

Finally there seems to be no action against channel by Police and no apologies seems to be coming from channel’s side.


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