What else can you expect from a ‘snake’ like Arun Jaitley: Lalit Modi

The Bharatiya Janata Party-led Union government and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley are already in soup over allegations for letting the fraudster Vijay Mallya escape from the country. And now another alleged defaulter Lalit Modi had spoken on the issue and asked Jaitley to accept that he met Mallya on March 1, 2016 — a day before he left the country. Modi also called Jaitley a ‘snake’, saying what more can be expected from him!

Observing the case from foreign land, Modi commented on the ongoing political turmoil in the country and made a sharp attack on the Union Finance Minister. He was of the opinion that Jaitley met Mallya a day before he left the country and this fact is ‘completely true’.

Questioning the denial of Jaitley and Union government, Modi said that many people know Jaitley met Mallya and now the denial doesn’t suit him. Further, Modi alleged that Jaitley is a ‘habitual liar’ and what else can one expect from a ‘snake’!

He took to Twitter and wrote, “The denial by Arun Jaitley whether he met Vijay Mallya just before he left is completely true. Let him just accept he did. Why such a denial when a lot of people know he met and who else was present. Arun Jaitley it’s become a habit to lie. What else can you expect from a snake (sign)”

Earlier, Mallya had spoken that he met Jaitley before leaving the country, which the Union Minister refused. Later in the day, Congress alleged that even after knowing the Mallya would fly back to London, why was it that the Union Minister did not inform the CBI or other agencies?

Source: The Live Mirror


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