Digvijaya Singh links mob lynching with slow justice; Shabana Azmi says critics of government are dubbed as anti-nationals

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh, said rising incidents of mob lynching are a result of anger among the public when it doesn’t get prompt justice.

BHOPAL: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has stoked yet another political controversy by blaming “slow justice” for rising incidents of mob lynching.

Talking to journalists at a program in Indore on Saturday evening, Singh, when questioned about reasons behind rising incidents of mob lynching, said, “Mob lynching ke do mool karan hai. Jo nyay tatkal milna chahiye voh nahi mil pata, is liye logon mein narazgi paida ho jaati hai (Two prime reasons cause mob lynching incidents. When people don’t get prompt justice, it causes anger among them resulting in such incidents),” said Singh.

Further, Singh blamed mindset inculcated in BJP and RSS to be also behind such incidents. “You’ve seen here (in Indore) only, how BJP MLA Akash Vijay boasted that in BJP they have been taught about avedan-nivedan aur phir de danadan (first plea, then request followed by assault). It’s such mindset which gives birth to incidents of mob lynching.”

Responding to Singh’s Saturday evening statements on mob lynching, BJP national spokesperson GVL Narsimha Rao said on Sunday, “Mob lynching incidents have also happened in Congress-ruled states, including Rajasthan. But instead of acting against those responsible for it, Congress has made it a habit of playing politics over it. We condemn Singh’s attempts to politicize issue of mob lynching.”

Meanwhile, addressing the same program, where Singh was also present on Saturday evening in Indore, renowned actor Shabana Azmi said these days anyone who criticizes the government and its wrong policies is dubbed anti-national. “For the betterment of our country, it’s necessary to point out the flaws. If we don’t, how can our conditions improve. But the atmosphere is such that if we criticise government we’re branded as anti-nationals. We shouldn’t be afraid, nobody needs their certificate.”

Source: New Indian Express