Deobandis Disrupt Funeral of Sunni Barelvi in Bahraich UP

Deobandis did not allow the Barelvi dead body in the cemetery of Bahraich village.


Tarushi Aswani for Times
Lucknow: 9th Aug 2016

The animosity between Barelvis and Deobandis has touched new low in Bahraich district of UP. A shocking incident has been reported from Bahraich District in Uttar Pradesh where the local Deobandi Maulvi Hafiz Abdul Moeed and his accomplices did not let a Barelvi family bury their dead at a graveyard located in Siddique Nagar Niyapura, Jarwal Road, Bahraich of Uttara Paradesh, India.

The incident took place on the eve of August 3rd, when Peer Ali Mistari led the funeral of his mother after the funeral namaz, to bury the body when Maulvi Hafiz Abdul Moeed stopped the funeral and declared that he would not led any Barelvi family bury their dead in the graveyard. Even when the burial pit has been already dug for Mistari’s mother’s deadbody.

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As the moment heated up, the burial was shifted to another burial ground where the burial was completed.

According to locals there has been no such issue in the past, and all Muslim families have had equal rights over all burial grounds. This has given rise to an intense insecurity among the Muslims in Bahraich. Now Sunni Barelvis have threatened to do tit for tat with the Deobandis. The Barelvi traced the origin of their movement from Bareilly town in western Uttar Paradesh while Deobandi movement is based in Deoband.

Maualana Shahabuddin Razwi of Dargah Ala Hazrat, Bareilly city, who is on visit to the city, has condemned the incident, terming it as very unfortunate.

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