Day 2 at MSO’s National Delegates meet: Hajj, Najeeb Ahmed, Violence against Muslims discussed

NEW DELHI: The two-day National Conference of Muslim Students Organization of India, ended today. The organization’s elections are held every two years in a one-time representative conference. Shujaat Qadri will be the national president for the next two years, while Abdul Qadir Hamdani has been appointed National General Secretary.

In a chat with reporters here, Shujaat said that the Biennial Representative Conference of the Muslim Students Organization of India, the largest Muslim student organization in the country, is organized for the elections in Sangli. In this, selected representatives of all the 22 states of the organization choose the national executive. Under this election, election of National President and National Secretary General is very important in the elections held. In this program held at the India Islamic Center in New Delhi, about 150 participants from across the country voted on the basis of a single transitional vote system and the executive was elected.

National Executive of MSO After the elections, elected national executive, Shujaat Qadri National President, Abdul Qadir Hamdani National General Secretary of Gujarat, Dr. Idris Noori of Rajasthan, Shahbaz Misbahi of Delhi and Anish Shirazi of Uttar Pradesh have been elected Vice-President. Nabarul Islam of Tripura, Zeeshan Rizvi of Telangana, Khushshid Sheikh of Karnataka were elected for the post of secretary, Amir Tehsini for Treasurer, Campus Secretary, Aligarh Muslim University, Hassan Mubarak Ishqi was also elected . As national executive members, 15 members from different states of the country were elected. All the volunteers of MSO Delhi unit have been very duly appreciated for their sincere support and task undertaking.

Special emphasis was laid on Kashmir Muslim Students Organization of India (i.e., MSO), during the organization election, discussed the employment status, education and mainstreaming of youth in Kashmir. The organization believes that the situation of the youth of Kashmir has become very complicated in the foreign wealth and the atmosphere of the horror, and to fix this, the Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) is ready to provide its services. The newly elected President, Shujaat Qadri, said that a delegation has been appointed to conduct a Career Guidance Camp for the youth in Kashmir and a delegation for the better environment of education.

While discussing the functioning of NCMEI, the National Minorities Educational Institutions, all agreed in an opinion to put pressure on the government to simplify its process. In the opinion of the students, the demand for making the NCMEI organization more autonomous has been demanded. The newly elected General Secretary of the organization, Abdul Qadir Hammadani, emphasized the simplification of the terms of the National Minority Finance Development Corporation (NDC), while emphasizing the need to liberate it for Navarozgar. Haj policy does not get tampered with The students demanded immediate withdrawal of the new Haj Policy as a mediator in the state. Although it has not been confirmed on behalf of the Saudi Arabian government that a woman who has gone to the Hajj of the male accompanier (Mehram) will be granted a visa or not. The Muslim Students Organization of India (i.e., MSO), considered the change in the Hajj policy and the reaction to politics, it is fatal to democracy. The MSO demanded that if the government really wants to help the Hajis, then the Hajis should be given the freedom to arrange their air tickets themselves. Need is to remove corruption and not to expose the losses of Air India by robbing the Hajis.

The Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) also discussed several national issues during its two-day conference. The newly elected National President, Shujaat Qadri, debated upon the disappearance of the missing student Najeeb, as a national issue. Shujaat said that the disappearance of Najeeb is a symbol of insensitivity towards the Muslim youth by the government and those who were not supporting us in the cause, have realized that after the harassment of the students in all the universities, the Bharatiya Janata Party is absolutely ignorant of student-well being. He emphasized on the need to act immediately on this issue very seriously.


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