Dalits in Gujarat Fight Back

Written by Tarushi Aswani

With Una’s temperature rising with violence against Dalits, the Dalits in Gujarat say that they are afraid to live in such a “watch-dog” society. Dashratbhai, a resident of Gandhinagar district, was beaten by land-owning Chaudhary’s when he refused to remove dead cattle, earlier this week. Devastated of the wrath he had incurred, Dashratbhai’s protest went further, he filed a complaint about the assault after which four men were arrested.

The “Charamkar” community, stands in solidarity with DashratBhai’s refusal to pick up the bodies of dead cows. Being the second largest Dalit sub-caste in the state, Charamkars form the lowest rung in the leather industry, skinning dead cattle for a living.

Inheriting this profession of skinning dead cattle, promoted by the caste system carries with it a stigma that is unbearably realistic and humiliating. Violence against individuals who refuse to do certain tasks that demean their very existence as humans, is proving to acquire an outrageous outcome.


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