Dalai Lama: “If Jinnah were the PM of Independent India, there would be no Partition”

NEW DELHI: Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama has once again openly commented on a very sensitive issue, he has again struck a 70-year old wound. On one hand, he had his views on the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah, and on the other side with China. During his course in the capital the Dalai Lama held his views on several disputes related to India, China and Tibet.

First of all on the question of Nehru-Jinnah, spiritual guru Dalai Lama said today that Mahatma Gandhi wanted Mohammed Ali Jinnah to be at the top post of the country, but Jawaharlal Nehru adopted the ‘self-centered attitude’ to become the first Prime Minister. Dalai claimed that if Mahatma Gandhi’s wish to make Jinnah the first Prime Minister was implemented, then India is not divided. Addressing a program organized by the Goa Institute of Management, a 83-year-old Buddhist master said this.

Responding to a student’s question about making the right decision, he said, ‘I believe that the democratic system is very good rather than the feudal system. Some people have the power to make decisions in the feudal system, which is very dangerous. ‘He said,’ Look at India now. I think Mahatma Gandhi was very interested in giving Jinnah the post of Prime Minister. But Pandit Nehru did not accept it.

He said, ‘I think it was Pandit Nehru’s self-centered attitude to see himself as the Prime Minister … .If Mahatma Gandhi’s thinking was accepted then India and Pakistan would have been one. He said, “I know Pandit Nehru very well, he was a very experienced and intelligent person, but sometimes mistakes are done.” The spiritual teacher remembered the day on facing the biggest fear in life. When he was expelled from Tibet with his supporters.


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