Cow Vigilantism: Senior journalist Urmilesh, questions whether India is facing “development or destruction”, “nationalism or vandalism”

There have been so many statements and debates of leaders associated with ‘family’ and ‘power’ that there is no doubt now! What is the reason for India becoming a ‘lynching land’ and what lies behind the ‘lynching’ is not just a random ‘crowd’ or there lies an extremist ‘ideology’, the answers to all these questions are clear now.

Someone wearing ‘garland’ is guilty of ‘lynching’, someone fights his case, someone honors him, someone says, lynching will stop if the beef consumption is stopped!

To create a political ‘lynching brigade’ and defend its gang of killers from different types of statements or activities, makes democracy look like a sham. If this is democracy, where minorities are not safe, women are raped, innocent people are killed over “suspicion” then who needs this fake democracy?

The supporters of our Prime Minister are often praising his warmth, see how the Prime Minister hugged former US President Barack Obama, Russia’s Putin, current US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Where does this warmth go Mr. PM when your country needs you? Or is this warmth fake as well?

So before questioning Rahul Gandhi’s hug and his jovial gestures at the No Confidence Motion meet, one should recall Modi’s hugplomacy. Its time that our PM received the taste of his own medicine


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