Cow is an animal like horse and dog, those who worship cow are idiots : Justice Katju

New Delhi : Stoking yet another controversy former Chairman of Press Council of India and retired Supreme Court judge,  justice Markandey Katju here speaking to News MX  has said that cow is like any other animal- horse and dog- and there is nothing special about it to be worshipped, worshipping a cow is stupidly.

From June to December I was in America , people are laughing at us over the killing related to cow eating.This government had brought  shame for us around the world , he said.

Justice Katju was responding to a question on watering of parks in Noida to stop Friday prayers. Justice Katju said provisions in Article 19 give full rights for a gathering of any community peacefully  without arms and hence it was unconstitutional for Yogi government to stop Friday congregational prayers.RSS is organizing Shakhaas in parks so why Muslims are being denied to pray in  parks?

योगी ने "हिंदुस्तान" की नाक कटा दी: Markandey Katju

Posted by Rashid Idrishi on Monday, December 31, 2018

Over the last few years, cows seem to be at the centre of every political and social debate in India. From beef ban to attacks by gau rakshaks — everything seem to be dominated by the holy bovine animal. Former chief justice has continually took jibes at this and made hilarious suggestions that have gone viral.

Earlier he had made a suggestion for Bollywood filmmakers that what he claimed would be a greater success than Baahubali! Taking a cue from Hollywood’s ‘The Planet of the Apes’, Katju had suggested in India one should make the film ‘The Planet of the Cows’! Yes, he said this film would also garner 10 times more revenue than the epic franchise that has gripped the entire country.