Covid positive woman, who was presumed dead, walks into home healthy in Andhra Pradesh

The incident, which seems to be a possible cause of mistaken identity and goof-up by the hospital, was reported in Jaggyyapeta in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district.

In a bizarre incident, a woman who was presumed dead by her family, walked into the home alive in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday, shocking everyone.

The incident, which seems to be a possible cause of mistaken identity and goof-up by the hospital, was reported in Jaggyyapeta.

Muthyala Girijamma, a resident of Christianpet, was undergoing treatment at the Government General Hospital of Vijayawada after being infected with Covid19.

She had been in hospital since May 12, but on May 15 her family was informed by the staff that she had succumbed to the infection.

Her family claim that the on-duty doctor asked them to collect the dead body from the mortuary,.

A dead body was handed over to them, which they brought to their home and performed the last rites on the same day. Due to the fear of catching coronavirus, no one opened the body bag for identification.

The family had a curious surprise when, on Wednesday, almost after two weeks of her death, the 75-year-old Girijamma walked into the house hail and healthy.

Her husband, son and villagers were all left stunned. However, they realised soon after that Girijamma was alive, and they had cremated someone else’s body.

On the other hand, the old lady, unaware of the whole ‘death fiasco’, was seen complaining about why no one from her family turned up at the hospital to receive her and how she used the Rs 3,000 fund given to every COVID survivor by the state government to reach her village all alone.

Source: India Today


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