Could Dr. Kafeel Have Stolen Oxygen Cylinders From Government Hospital in Gorakhpur?


13th Aug 2017 New Delhi

E X C L U S I V E  by – Ajit Sahi

I have just finished speaking by telephone with Manoj Singh, the journalist in Gorakhpur who had been warning through his reports of the looming oxygen crisis at the government hospital in the city from well before 63 people died there. I asked him whether Dr. Kafeel Ahmad was stealing oxygen cylinders from the hospital and diverting them to use at his private hospital, as he is being accused by the pro-BJP elements. Manoj made a startling disclosure: since 2014, the encephalitis ward of the hospital, where the deaths occurred, had stopped using the small cylinders and instead was piping the gas to individual beds. I have also spoken with Dr. Aziz Ahmad, a renowned doctor with a hospital of his own in Gorakhpur, who has confirmed this.

Dr. Ahmad said that the cylinders deployed at the encephalitis ward for piping the gas are much heavier than the ordinary oxygen cylinders and can only be carried by three or four people. Also, Dr. Aziz Ahmad said, every single such cylinder is accounted for by the hospital administration and all the details of incoming and outgoing should be available in the hospital’s records. In any case, it would be virtually impossible for Dr. Kafeel Ahmad to carry out such brazen smuggling of the massive cylinders from the hospital on a regular basis without the racket being noticed by anyone in the hospital, right from the store to the outer security gates. Dr. Aziz Ahmad also told me that Dr. Kafeel Ahmad was an ad hoc appointee so therefore there was no bar on his private practice. Also, he had nothing to do with the department that handles oxygen supply. In fact, he came to know of the dwindling supply only when the oxygen department informed him of it.
Courtesy: FB wall of Ajit Sahi


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