Congress MLA Arif Naseem Khan slept in assembly for 15 yrs : Imtiaz Jaleel


MUMBAI: Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen and national muslim leader MLA Imtiaz Jaleel has launched a scathing attack on the NCP-Congress combine and exposed their true  character in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Pointing out that Congress MLA from Mumbai Arif Naseem Khan slept in the assembly, Jaleel said that he was once upon a time a very powerful muslim minister in the previous government and did  nothing during his tenure. He did not raise crucial issues of the muslim community and has in fact deliberately led to the political and social downfall of the community, he said.

Today it looks like a joke when the muslim MLA’s led by Congress demand reservation for muslims after we raise the issue first. “ These muslim MLA’s especially Khan took muslim votes, enjoyed power at their expense and did nothing for the muslims. Despite being from the so called secular party like Congress, Arif Naseem Khan slept and did not raise voice for reservation, wakfs and other important issues in the assembly,” Jaleel spoke during his address in Vidhan Sabha recently.

Reacting to Jaleel’s speech , MIM office bearers said that the community was facing serious issues related to arrest of innocent muslims by the anti terror agencies during the Congress rule  but  MLA Khan remained a mute spectator despite being a minister.

“Khan has no voice of his own and is controlled from behind by his handlers. He can neither effectively communicate on  muslim issues nor has an understanding of the community because of his illiteracy. He lacks  vision for the community and has been toeing all the wrong policies against muslims by the hidden brahminist Congress leadership. Such muslims like Khan are favourite with the Congress high command as they like to promote below average muslims to key political posts so that smart and dashking muslims never progress in the Indian society. The congress is now completely exposed and leaders like Khan too have no future in the days ahead as the community knows that they are working as coolies and not leaders,” they added.

Sameer Yafai from Telangana said that the brahminist infiltrated Congress party deliberately promoted mediocre and third grade muslim as leaders for 50 years so that the  muslim leadership comprising of talented leaders like MLA Jaleel never comes up and their complete control over the society is maintained forever. Now with the advent of MIM and the rise of brilliant politicians from the muslim and dalit communities, the day of third class muslim politicians who lick the boots of power in the Congress are over, he added.

This is not the first time that the MIM has targeted Khan, its firebrand leader Akbaruddin Owaisi had furnished proof against Khan during previously held election rallies in Mumbai where he said that Khan was a traitor of muslim community and had sold Wakf land to builders and has no regard whatsoever for the muslim community. The muslim community must understand the damage done by Khan to Maharashtra due to his illiteracy and lack of vision for the community, Owaisi had added.

MIM activists loyal to Jaleel camp said that the criminal muslims operating in various political parties in Maharashtra had taken the shape of muslim mafia which is a major and largest threat to the Indian muslim community. The criminal corporators, elected members of municipal council and other elected representatives are most dangerous people who have finished off the educated muslims in India.

Source: Beyond Headlines


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