Cleric and father who denied breastfeeding to the child arrested in Kerala

By Times Headline Writer

This news made the headlines after parents refused to feed their second child even after repeated persuasions by the doctor and hospital staff.

The police registered a case against the parents under the Juvenile Justice Act for denying the infant his right.

When the hospital authorities informed police about it, Mukkam sub-inspector Salim also tried to convince Aboobacker on the ill effects of not breastfeeding the baby.

But despite police intervention, Aboobacker stood his ground and prevented the mother from breastfeeding the child till 24 hours were over.

Aboobacker, a resident of Kozhikode in Kerala reportedly prevented his wife from breastfeeding after she gave birth to the baby boy around 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Aboobacker had argued with doctors at the hospital that a preacher had told him to give the child some honey and water from Mecca.

The hospital authorities meanwhile claim that they pleaded with the parents and even threatened him, but to no avail and were forced to approach the police. The hospital authorities made a decision to file a complaint against Aboobacker for preventing them from discharging their duties, and also for endangering the child’s life.

However, the father claimed that their first baby boy, who is now a healthy three-year-old, was also fed for the first time only after hearing the five prayer calls, 23 hours after his birth.

The second baby, who was born at 1.30 pm on Wednesday, was fed with breast milk the next day only after five prayer calls. It is understood that the infant was fed with honey and water brought from Mecca till then. Nevertheless, the incident became the hot topic of discussion online with netizens attacking the parents for blindly believing false information.


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