Citizenship Amendment Bill a step towards the Israeliization of India: MSO

Shujaat Ali Quadri MSO

New Delhi. The Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by the cabinet will divide the country on the basis of religion, it will weaken India and its constitution as it’s against the soul of not differentiating between people on the basis of religion, caste and sect. This was said today by the President of the Muslim Student Organization of India(MSO), Shujaat Ali Quadri.

Talking to journalists in Delhi, Quadri said that religion cannot be the basis of citizenship but the Citizenship Amendment Bill, passed by the cabinet, is creating divisions among people on the basis of religion .It is an injury on the secular nature of the country. He said that this provision of granting citizenship to the oppressed citizens of people of all faiths except Muslims from neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is actually an attempt to make Muslims second class citizens in this country . Quadri supported Rashtriya Janata Dal spokesperson Manoj Jha’s statement that this is the Israeliisation of India and the present Bharatiya Janata Party government wants to lock the Muslims of the country in an open prison like Gaza as a detention center on the lines of Israel.

He said that it is not only against the Constitution of India but also the Charter of the United Nations, which prohibits the citizens of any country from discriminating against them on the basis of their religion, caste, region, sex or color.

Quadri expressed surprise that the states of the northeast affected by the problem of outsiders were left in it, while the real issue of intruders is related to the northeast itself. This means that the citizenship amendment bill is being brought not to solve any problem but to create a new problem.

He alleged that the bill is against constitutional beliefs and the Narendra Modi government is trying to push Parliament against the constitution. Actually CAB is a concept of Hindu Rashtra. It is basically anti-Muslim. He said that the CAB law was a conspiracy to declare only Muslims as intruders among those left after the Citizenship Register Act. He said that after this law, relations with Bangladesh and Afghanistan in India’s neighborhood will also deteriorate and the country will be isolated.

This will strengthen India’s enemy countries Pakistan and China, and now there is a new question in front of the country, why is the law that the Government of the Bharatiya Janata Party is bringing the law to benefit our enemy countries? He appealed to the government to pay attention to unemployment, inflation and a deteriorating economy and advised them to leave such issues and take the country to progress.



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