Central Budget is highly disappointing; No Specifications for Minority and Students: MSO

Shujaat Ali Quadri, President, MSO of India

New Delhi: The central budget contains no concrete programs, which can take minorities and students in its fold, said Shujaat Ali Qadri, National President of Muslim Students Organisation of India ie MSO.

The central budget has disappointed the common people including Muslims and the students. Many were expecting structural reforms to boost up the growth and stability of the economy. Hours long poetic speech of the Finance minister does not include any policy formulas to uphold the expectations of the common people. The farmers and agriculture sector, which are the backbone of the Indian economy were ignored by the government.
The central government’s claim on GDP growth is hypothetical. No one knows how the depleting growth rate of GDP will increase without any concrete steps to energise the growth.

Upgrading the income tax slab is only applicable to those people who are already income earners or rich. What about those jobless unemployed youths who have no income or other means of earnings? asked Quadri. The decrease of consumption rate and investment are the two macroeconomic challenges the country faces today.

The unemployment rate has crossed the earlier marks. One of the main reasons behind the skyrocketing of unemployment is lack of investment in the country. Does this budget have any programs to attract investments? No.

During the last governance India was a booming economy, However, now the situation is opposite. Political instability in the country is forcing the investors to rethink their investment plans.  Highly divisive legislations of the present government are creating unrest in the society said Quadri.

This kind of attitude from the government reveals that the Union government does not have the real interest to re-energise the economy. Their interest lies in implementing divisive agendas, which are counterproductive for economic growth, alleged MSO premier.


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