Cauvery Dispute: 20 Buses Set On Fire At Depot Near Bengaluru

BENGALURU:  Vandalism has broken all bounds as was seen on the streets of Bengaluru and on a highway to Mysuru on Monday as angry mobs burnt over 20 Tamil Nadu-registered trucks and buses on the roads and miscreants vandalized shops in the city, over on a Supreme Court order that meant that Karnataka would have to release more water from the river Cauvery to neighbor Tamil Nadu. Some 15,000 policemen have been posted across the IT city.

The state’s Congress government and the police stand paralyzed by the scale of protests and the damage to public property. The Supreme Court had earlier said on protests in Karnataka: “Citizens cannot become a law unto themselves.”

In the evening, Bengaluru banned assemblage of people as a precautionary measure, also, most schools and colleges and some offices were closed early and metro services were briefly stopped.

The court had this morning modified an earlier order and said Karnataka has to release less water to Tamil Nadu, but for five more days. Karnataka, which will end up giving more water, urged a review but the court refused.Thousands of policemen, including those in riot gear, spread out across the city to check violence. Karnataka stopped buses from heading to Tamil Nadu and police jeeps were positioned along the border to warn vehicles against entering that state.