How can I welcome Netanyahu on Gandhi’s land?


BY: Jyoti Rai

India is the land of Gandhi, it is the soil of that Mahatma who has given the teachings of non-violence. In our great nation, Israeli Prime Minister is coming to India on 14 January. It is worth noting that PM Narendra Modi had visited Israel last year and it was the first visit of any Indian Prime Minister to Israel. But India has always been the vocal supporter of Palestinian cause and once it has taken the very same stand in the UN.

In the United Nations, India has voted against the US decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It is clear that India can never stop supporting Palestine for Israel. In between, Israeli PM Netanyahu is coming to India on a 4 day tour. Well, the Hindu fundamentalists in India always support Israel because of their animosity against Muslims and they have started doing their works once again by promoting Israel as India’s “great friend”.

But it is clear that India is not going to support Israel blindly. Israel has been an oppressing nation and it has never respected the International laws and customs. Israel is continuous in it’s approach of making settlement in Palestinian territories which is a severe blow on the two-state solution. India should make it’s stand more tough and the PM must talk about these issues in Netanyahu’s 4 day visit. It is also important to note that most of the Indians have emotional relationship with Palestinians and they want that Modi should tell Netanyahu to be committed on two-state solution.