Bullet train is not priority, safety of people is, says former railway minister

Former Railway Minister Pawan Bansal demands human settlements close to the railway tracks should be fenced.

A day after the tragic train accident near Amritsar that killed 60 people, the Opposition has hit out at PM Modi for the bullet train project and ignoring the safety of commuters who travel in ordinary trains.

Speaking to India Today, former Railway Minister Pawan Bansal asked what the BJP led union government did in the past four and a half years to ensure the security of the common people who travel in ordinary trains.

“The priority is not the bullet train but the safety of the people who travel in ordinary trains every day. You are blowing the bullet train trumpet but being the citizens of the country it is our right to know what the union government did in 4.5 years of their tenure to ensure the safety of the common man,” said Pawan Bansal.

The former railway minister said that the Amritsar train tragedy has once again proved that the human settlements near the railway tracks are prone to accidents as people use railway tracks to cross over the other side and ignore their safety.

“I think the other priority is that wherever there are thickly populated areas and human settlements near the tracks, that area should be fenced in a proper manner to avoid tragedies like this. Though it will not be possible to fence the entire 67,368-kilometre network but fencing the track near the human settlements is the need of the hour,” Pawan Bansal said.

Source: India Today


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