Bulandshahr violence: BJP youth wing leader Shikhar Agarwal, Bajrang Dal and VHP leader named in Subodh Singh’s murder

Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested two people and registered two FIRs, naming 27 people, against the violent protests which broke out after the alleged cattle slaughter in the state’s Bulandshahr district on Monday. The FIR also mentions 60 unnamed people. The other FIR is against the accused of the alleged cattle slaughter. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has also been formed to investigate the case.

Leaders of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have been mentioned in the FIR. Yogesh Raj, one of the prime accused, is the Bajrang Dal’s district head for Bulandshahr. Apart from him, Shikhar Agarwal, named in FIR, is linked with BJP’s youth wing in Siana while Upendra Raghav is said to be linked with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, sources have said.

Violence broke out in Bulandshahr on Monday over the alleged illegal slaughter of cattle, leaving a police inspector, Subodh Kumar Singh and a youth dead as a mob went on a rampage torching a police post and clashed with police, which opened fire to control the situation, officials said. The incident took place near the Chingrawathi crossing, where hundreds of people had gathered. The protesters entered into a scuffle with the local police and the crowd started pelting stones at them. The inspector who was posted at Siana Police Station suffered a gunshot injury in addition to wounds from hard and blunt objects.

Here are the names of the 27 people named in the FIR and their area of residence:

  1. Yogesh Raj, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  2. Vishal Tyagi, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  3. Satendra Rajput, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  4. Chaman, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  5. Devendra, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  6. Upendra Raghav, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  7. Ravi Sainu, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  8. Ashish Chouhan, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  9. Shikhar Agarwal, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  10. Rajkumar Pradhan, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  11. Jeetu, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  12. Sachin, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  13. Ramesh Jogi, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  14. Vineet, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  15. Sourabh, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  16. Sumeet, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  17. Chotu, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  18. Satish, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  19. Vikas Tyagi, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  20. Pawan, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  21. Vikrant Tyagi, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  22. Bablu, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  23. Ankur, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  24. Robin, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  25. Tinku, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  26. Guddu, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshahr
  27. Harendra, Siana Tehsil, Bulandshar

Source: Firstpost


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