Brief History Of Kashmire Sufi Saint Hazret ABDUL REHMAN BABA RA

It was the year 1948 when Abdul Rehman Baba well known as “Rehman sahab / Lal sahab” took birth in a small village Khalmulla Alastang in the District Ganderbal of kashmir In such a family where sufism was inherited from generations. Rehman sahab was born between an elder sister, Two elder brothers and a younger brother. Rehman sahab was brought up in joint family Including an uncle who has been a great sufi saint of his time named as “Asad Sahab” and who played a great role in bringing up Rehman sahab with a mystic spoon in his mouth and had a vision of divine flame in him.

Asad sahab observed unique characteristics in him right from very childhood. It was a time when people lived in extreme simplicity and poverty as kashmir had faced many political turmoils. There were less means of work, Earning and communication but people in kashmir were known for rich spritual life. Unlike other children of the village Rehman sahab used to spend much time in a nearby Mosque which was built by his Forefather’s and as a boy of 10 years of age used to contemplate in the same mosque for hours. This All was keenly monitored by “Asad sahab “.

Asad Sahab had mastery over two SILSILAS (orders of Sufism) Namely SUHURWARDI and QADIRI and He had achieved a miraculous level of “Tay_e_Maqam” Which is a level where sufi can be physically present at different places at the same time mostly achieved by saints. Rehman sahab’s Grandfather was also known as a famous sufi saint of his time whose name was “Mahad Baba”. Asad sahab had a significant role in the life of Rehman sahab. At the age of 14 years Rehman sahab mysteriously lost the vision of his physical eyes and when His Murshid Asad sahab was informed, he had an ecstatic laughter and had said, “These were meant to be elevated to higher eyes which can see the unseen and let you not mourn for it as it was a divine command”. Thus he was taken into the spritual guidance by Asad sahab who turned to be his Murshid and revealed him the secrets of Mystical path.

In the year 1971 December 16th, Asad sahab at the age of 63 years left for Heavenly Abode and Rehman sahab was just 24 years old at that time. Between the age of 14 and 24, Rehman sahab crossed many levels of sprituality. Befor his Murshid left his body, he gave the “whole Mystical treasure” to Rehman sahab besides spritual awekening to several disciples. Rehman sahab followed the tough path of spiritual Development for more 10 years and this was the period when He meditated in different parts himalayas for different periods of time and got “Enlightenment”. At the age of 35 years, he was bestowed mystically by KHAWAJA KHIZR A.S (A prophet and An Angel of Allah) with a Divine Seal Known as a best spritual reward in sufism. From the age of 35 years Rehman sahab served the people of all faiths regardless of Nationality, color or creed. Rehman sahab was well known as “Healing Guru” in kashmir as well as other parts of India and his devotees live around th Globe.Rehman sahab had no desire for getting famous in the world and He didn’t like a wordly fame. Rehman sahab correlated himself with the SUHURWARDI and QADIRI silsila (orders of Sufism ).

Rehman sahab was known to posses great healing powers besides spritual guidance.
He assimilated through meditating High cosmic energy and used this positive energy through his hands on the sick or low energy people as a therapy for treatment of various physical and spritual ailments.

Rehman sahab also used to heal people using his breath. ‘Breath’ holds a great importance for sufis as the ‘Breath’ does go to a certain station and helps to connect the body with the ‘Divine spirit’ . Rehman sahab used to breath on water or Sugar (Nabad) to add healing powers in it and than gave it to his devotees.

Rehman sahab was known far and wide all around kashmir for healing through Hands and Breath. People from all categories of life , like Poor, Downtrodden, Rich, capatalists even Ministerial dignateries used to come to meet him.

Rehman sahab Left for Heavenly Abode on 17th zilhaj 1437 hijri / 20th September 2016 on Tueday at Around 4: 30 pm at an age of 68 years. His shrine is Located at the graveyard nearby to his ancestral residence in Khalmulla parallel to the shrine of his Murshid/Uncle Asad sahab.


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