Haryana’s CM Khattar & his Dislike of Open Namaz

Image : Jansatta.com

Stooping to new lows everyday, statements of BJP Politician, CM Khattar on offering Namaz, which read,  “There has been an increase in offering namaz in the open. Namaz should be read in mosques or idgahs rather than in public spaces”.  The chief minister had added if there is shortage of places for offering namaz, it should be done in private area, like inside homes.” are no surprise in times when Right Wing/ Saffron Terrorism is on the rise.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar today, issued a clarification over the above mentioned statement that namaz should be read in mosques and idgahs instead of open areas. “I haven’t spoken about stopping anyone. Maintaining law and order is the duty of the police and the administration,” Mr Khattar said in Chandigarh today.

Khattar’s statement came in light of several instances of disruption of namaz by violent right-wing groups, who comprehended prayers being offered in public places came with the intention of land-grabbing. Reports said the groups visited at least six locations in Gurgaon, where namaz was offered every Friday and put a stop to the proceedings.

However, this is not CM Khattar’s first attack on Indian Muslims. Khattar was also the person behind the “Biryani Policing” when in September, 2016 he insisted that Biryani samples be collected from the Mewat district to check whether beef was being sold or not.

Seems like either CM Khattar is totally pro-right wing activists, because he too feels that Muslims shouldn’t offer namaz openly.

Recalling events like Ganpati Visarjan, Janamashtami Processions, Gurupurab Processions, also take up the entirety of roads, block traffic for hours, cause trouble to commuters especially ambulances. Never have I witnessed any Muslim group beating up Hindus or Sikhs for showcasing their religiosity on the roads, so why so rude Hindutva groups?



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