BJP trying to re-ally with Shiv Sena


Mumbai: BJP is in worry that it’s friends are going the other way. A senior BJP leader tried to find a way and said,“In a marriage, husband and wife fight. But I want my wife to stay with me. I don’t want a divorce,” trying to woo back former ally Shiv Sena. An annoyed Sena leader snapped back immediately, “Our party is the husband in this relationship. And there is no question of this divorce being called off.”

These exchanges are the part of the ‘counselling sessions’ both parties are attending as the BJP leaves no stone unturned to convince its long-term ally to stay in the coalition in Maharashtra.According to highly placed sources in the BJP, preliminary talks have taken place between select Sena leaders close to Uddhav Thackeray, and some Maharashtra BJP leaders. The aim is to convince the party to agree to an amicable seat sharing formula that will not hamper the interest of either parties.

Stung by the NDA coalition partners walking away from it, the BJP fears the coming elections might be an uphill task for it. The prospects of Congress and NCP joining hands and the anti-incumbency factor are also causing anxiety. The Shiv Sena has so far maintained that it will fight the elections on its own. “In Shiv Sena, only one person takes all the decisions. And that is Uddhav Thackeray. He has reiterated that we will fight and win the coming elections single-handedly. Talks, if any, with any other leaders, will yield no fruits,” a senior party leader said.

The leader added that there is no possibility of reconciliation now. “The doors of return have been long shut. Our national executive has taken this decision, and there is no way of changing it now,” he added.