BJP trying to malign Muslims: TMC on triple talaq ordinance

The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government at the centre of trying to malign the Muslim community in India through the triple talaq ordinance.

The President of India gave his approval to make instant triple talaq a criminal offence on September 19. An ordinance was passed by Cabinet today to make instant triple talaq a punishable offence.

Slamming the centre over its decision to ban instant triple talaq in the country using the ordinance route, senior TMC leader and Lok Sabha MP Idris Ali said, “You all are aware that it (Triple Talaq Bill) could not be passed in the Rajya Sabha. On the instructions of our CM Mamata Banerjee, we did not allow them to pass it. The consequence won’t be good.”

“They should not have passed such an ordinance, it is not correct to criminalise it. We all know the BJP is anti-Muslim,” Ali told media in Kolkata.

“We aren’t against Muslim women, even we want the wellbeing of our Muslim sisters, but this is a step to malign the entire Muslim community,” the TMC MP alleged.

Accusing PM Modi of trying to woo minorities ahead of next year’s general elections, Ali said, “Our PM never attends an iftar party, unlike our CM. He refuses to wear the skull cap even. He thinks by wearing it he will turn into a Muslim. But look how he is visiting dargahs these days. Such ill-conceived intentions won’t help his cause.”

Echoing the Trinamool Congress’ line, the Bengal Imam’s Association has also condemned the centre’s move to ban instant triple Talaq.

“If a civil procedure is criminalised then it’s wrong. It is an agreement between two adults. Only if the woman agrees in front of a witness that she has given consent that it will be considered a legal marriage. If two individuals feel they cannot live together they are free to get separated. If talaq is illegal then marriage itself becomes illegal too,” said Md Yahiya, Chairman of the Bengal Imam’s Association.

Source: India Today


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