BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj stokes fresh row over Dadri incident


NEW DELHI: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj today stoked a fresh controversy over the Dadri lynching case, saying Hindus consider cow as their mother and used the analogy of a terrorist who attacks the country and gets killed in the process.

Another BJP MP Adityanath blamed the Uttar Pradesh government’s “negligence” for the killing of a Muslim in Dadri on rumours of beef-eating, while a party MLA from the state called it a “normal crime” and not communal.

“If someone insults our mother .we would rather die than tolerate it…for us it is Bharat mata, our biological mother and gau mata…I want to ask (UP Minister and SP leader) Mohd Azam Khan and those who favour eating beef as to how would they feel if someone they revere as their mother is cut,” the controversial MP from Uttar Pradesh said.

He also said people are ready to kill or get killed if a terrorist attacks Bharat mata. “It is the same with biological mother and gau mata,” he said.

BJP MLA Sangeet Som, against whom the UP police has sought action for alleged violation of prohibitory orders in Bishada village where a 50-year-old Muslim was killed on rumours of his family eating and storing beef last week, said the incident should not be termed as a communal incident.

“It is a regular crime. Don’t term any normal crime as a crime against a Hindu or a Muslim…killers do not haver a religion,” he said.

He also scoffed at suggestions that BJP was trying to ‘reap’ political benefits out of the Dadri incident. “We believe in development not violence,” he said.

Adityanath blamed the “negligence” on part of the Samajwadi Party government in UP for the incident. He said it is “unfortunate” that there was negligence on part of the state government