BJP leader arrested after 200 cows die at his Gaushala


Raipur.  Chhattisgarh BJP leader Harish Verma blamed his party for the death of cows at his government-aided gaushala in the state’s Durg district.

Chhattisgarh’s Rajya Gau Sewa Aayog filed an FIR against him alleging that the gaushala is lacking proper facilities and that is the cause for the death of cows. Verma was arrested on Aug 19.

Verma blamed the state government for not providing him enough funds to take care of these cows in the gaushala, he also said there were 400 cows that is beyond its capacity.

“There is capacity for 220 cows but there are 600. The government is meant to give me Rs 10 lakh per year to maintain gaushala. But from past two years they haven’t paid me.

BJP called Verma a “Hatyara”

Dr Panigrahi, of the Chhatisgarh Gau Seva Ayog said, “Anyway, the grant cannot be the only source of income for a gaushala. Gauseva is meant to be self-operated and we can give assistance. The cows are weak and the district teams are working there now, the Indian Express quoted Dr Panigrahi.

Credit-voice of wadi


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