BJP is communalising the ‘circular issue’: Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah criticized BJP on communalising the issue of minority circular. Siddaramaiah said,”We should not communalize these issues..We are taking back cases against innocent people. A Sachar Committee is formed to look after minorities’ issues only. Few organization have filed petition to take back cases against innocent people. BJP is looking entire issue in communal glasses. It has to look into humanitarian way not in caste colors.”

Earlier a circular had asked the police officials to drop cases registered against “innocent minorities” involved in the incidents of communal clashes. However, the Karnataka government later replaced the words “innocent minorities” with “all innocent” in the revised circular.

Earlier Karnataka Minister Ramalinga Reddy also rebuffed the reports and said that it was not a circular, but only a reminder.He said that BJP leaders does not know English properly. As reported in ANI, he said,”The BJP doesn’t understand English properly. It’s not circular, just a reminder. Minority leaders represented that some false cases registered against minorities. IG sent a letter to SPs, gave the reminder that’s all”.

The BJP has cornered the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government for the circular and accused it of resorting to “minority appeasement” ahead of the assembly elections in the state that are due for April or May.


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