Bihar’s Love Guru professor retires at 65, wants to remarry

Professor of Hindi, Matuknath Choudhary wrote a Facebook post titled ‘Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani’ where he claims that he was still very young as a boy and wants to marry again.

Bihar’s “love guru” Matuknath Choudhary, professor of Hindi who shot to limelight in 2006 after his love affair with Julie, his student who was 30 years younger to him, retired on Wednesday at the age of 65. Interestingly, Matuknath is yearning for a new ‘Julie’ in his life.

Choudhary retired as the head of post graduate department at BN College in Patna University.

Soon after Matuknath was given a grand farewell at the college yesterday (October 31), he took to Facebook to inform his followers and friends about his new mission in life — finding a new love interest.

He wrote a long post on his Facebook page titled ‘Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani’, where he claimed that he is still very young as a man and hopes to marry again.

चढ़ती जवानी मेरी चाल मस्तानी मैं 65 वर्ष का लरिका हूं ! मेरी जवानी ने अभी अंगड़ाई ली है ! मेरे अंग-अंग से यौवन की…

Posted by Matuknath Choudhary on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

“I am a 65-year-old young boy. People are asking me what I will do after retirement. I want to get some entertainment with a new girl. I want to remarry,” Matuknath said.

The Hindi professor claimed that he has been receiving several marriage proposals from women but he was taking time as he wants to marry the right one. He also maintained that since his students were his guardians, he will marry the woman they select.

“I am very confused as I am receiving several marriage proposals from girls and their parents. I am leaving the decision of choosing the right girl for me on my students,” said the love guru.

His earlier love interest Julie, who is now on a spiritual quest, left him a year ago. Choudhary said that Julie lived with him for almost a decade but she got detached with the worldly affairs and left on a spiritual quest in 2017. Love guru Matuknath was 51 and Julie 21 when they met in 2004.

Source: India Today


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