Bihar: Man Walks For 8km In Knee-Deep Flood Water Carrying Ill Kids On Shoulders

Thousands of villages in several districts of Bihar have been affected in floods

A man carried two of his sick kids on his shoulders for eight kilometers in flood water in the East Champaran district of Bihar. The incessant rain in the eastern Bihar has subsumed thousands of villages in the region with East Champaran and Gopalganj districts being severely impacted in the floods.

A 45-year-old Bhagat Singh Manjhi from Manguraha village in Manjagarh town was forced to carry his sick kids on shoulders and walk in the flood waters for 8 kilometers till Bhaisahi village. He was accompanied by his wife who was also carrying an infant with her. Both Manjhi and his wife were risking their lives by walking in the knee deep water to provide medical aid to their kids. The flood water had a strong current.

Manjhi said there are no transport services connecting his village, and therefore he had to carry the ailing kids on his shoulders till hospital. Manjhi added that he has not received any government help as of yet.

Meanwhile, around 2.93 lakh cusecs of water was released from the Valmiki Nagar barrage in Gopalganj two days ago, and have impacted the low-lying areas of the district. Whereas, the Budhi Gandak river in Muzaffarpur has also swelled and is flooding several areas around it. Villages in Sheikhpur panchayat on the eastern border of Muzaffarpur are getting flooded. While the situation was normal till Monday noon, the rapid stream of river water after that inundated homes of around 1000 people.

Source: News18


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