Bihar govt follows Mamata Banerjee, bars immersion of Durga idol on Muharram day

PATNA: Right after Calcutta High Court reversed the West Bengal government’s order banning the immersion of Durga idols on 1 October, Bihar government too appears to have follow Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s line of thought.

Calcutta High Court on Thursday had reversed the West Bengal government’s order postponing the immersion of Durga idol by a day keeping Muharram procession planned for the same day in mind.

With Muharram scheduled a day after Dussera this year, Banerjee had asked the people to cooperate with each other and not to fall prey to provocation leading to communal problems.

“Muharram is not a festival we must keep that in mind. It’s our responsibility. I have heard that some people have plans to disturb and drive people in a wrong path,” she had said stressing that the puja committees should play a “bigger role” in this context.

Just like West Bengal, Patna District Magistrate too has issued a direction asking people that Durga idol immersion must be completed by 30 September, a day before Muharram, which falls on 1 October.

It will be interesting to see if anyone approaches the court in Bihar too against the order banning of immersion of Durga idol in Bihar since the state has a government, where BJP is a partner.


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