Bihar BJP MLC Rajan Kumar Singh’s ‘demonetisation deal’ with Maoists

Bihar BJP MLC Rajan Kumar Singh has caused a huge embarrassment for his party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi after a Maoist pamphlet claimed that he was involved in a money deal post demonetisation in 2016.

This was after Maoists left a pamphlet after a group of 200 people attacked the BJP MLC’s house in Bihar’s Aurangabad on Saturday, setting a house and at least 10 vehicles on fire. Singh’s 55-year-old uncle Narendra Singh was killed due to bullet wounds in the attack.

The pamphlet left by the Maoists after the attack (see below) claimed that Singh had accepted Rs 5 crore from them, promising to convert them into new notes. It read, “Rajan Singh must return Rs 5 crore that he accepted to convert (into new currency) from the Maoists and Rs 2 crore on account of levy.”

The pamphlet also made it clear that Maoists were not against the ordinary workers of the BJP of the RSS but they were fighting reactionary ‘criminals and contractors’ like Rajan Singh.

Singh has denied the allegations calling it baseless. Reacting to the Saturday’s attack, according to PTI, Singh said, “I had given an application to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the DGP for setting up a police station or at least a police outpost in the village, but no action has been taken. The administration and the state government are responsible for the incident.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the note ban on 8 November 2016. His announcement had led to a huge controversy with opposition parties accusing him of making the announcement to benefit his supporters. Several opposition parties had alleged that BJP leaders were tipped off about the announcement in advance so that they could dispose their old currency in time.

The latest development has the potential to cause considerable embarrassment to the BJP and its alliance partner JDU in the election year.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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