Bajrang Dal hate campaign against love in Ahmedabad

Whle lovers have planned to celebrate Valentine’s day, Bajrang Dal regrouped itself to wage war against love. With hate in their hearts and laathis in their hands, they chased couples in Ahmedabad. Organisations like the Bajrang Dal have been creating a “concept” of hate against any kind of love. Carrying sticks and shouting slogans like “Jai Shri Ram”, about two dozen activists of the Bajrang Dal came to the riverfront road on motorcycles and began chasing young couples who were standing or sitting along the road.

The scared youngsters were seen scampering to safety as fast as they could. A few Bajrang Dal men even walked down to the walkway of the riverfront and began chasing away couples from there as well.

Policemen, who were stationed at the entrance of the Riverfront Park rushed to the spot and detained a few Bajrang Dal activists, but after they have unleashed fear among young couples for at least 10 minutes. After he was detained, Nikunj Parekh, Vice President of the city’s Bajrang Dal unit, said that they will continue to protest against Valentine’s Day. “This protest is not against love but against a display of vulgarity. We will continue to protest against Valentine’s Day celebrations even if the police acts against us.”