Apex judgment body of India banned Triple Talaq


New Delhi. In a historic way the apex court of India finally bars instant Triple Talaq. The decision comes out by the bench of five judges on Tuesday morning.

The court struck down the Triple Talaq practice in a 3:2 judgment. But this is not the final verdict, the apex judgment body asked the government to come up with a appropriate law for instant Talaq.

The bench of five judges led by the Chief Justice of India,  Mr.J.S. Khehar asked the parliament to makes law in this concern. Primarily, the verdict body has putted the ban on Triple Talaq for Six months.  The three judges of the bench Mr.Justice Nariman, Mr. Lalit and Mr. Kurien described Triple Talaq is unconstitutional and they hardly opposed the view point of Chief Justice of India (CJI).

The CJI and Justice Abdul Naseer said that legislative intervention is required until that Triple Talaq needs to be set aside. CJI said that it is the concern of integral part of Muslim Law and also gives directives to Union of India to consider the legislation to decide on it.

A five-judge worktable pronounced the judgment, where the bench headed by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar, included Justice Kurian Joseph who is a Christian, Justice Rohinton Nariman who is a Parsi, Justice Uday Lalit who is a Hindu and Justice Abdul Nazeer, a Muslim.


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