Anti terrorism Sunni Conference in Jaipur: Islam preaches Peace said Azmi

MSO and AITUI organised grand Sunni Conference

JAIPUR: 5th March 2016
Sunni Muslim organizations including MSO of India and All India tanzeem Ulema-e-Islam has termed the brutal ISIS a by-product of the Wahhabis, a puritanical form of Islam professed by Saudi Arabia during a conference titled `Counter Terrorism’ in Jaipur on Friday.
The clerics sought support from the people of other religious communities to join their campaign against the extremist.
sunni conference jaipur
They stated that the Wahhabi ideology has caused maximum damage to Islam by demolishing several early Islamic heritage sites across the Saudi Arabia. Here Amid chanting `Hindustan Zindabad’ and waving Indian flag the clerics have asked the jam packed Ramlila Maidan to denounce the ISIS and promote Sufi Islam for peace and harmony in the country.Syed Qadri, national president of Muslim Students Organization (MSO) said that it is very painful to see how do they (ISIS) butcher people and train them to commit suicide in name of religion.
“They are dangerous for both Muslims and nonMuslims. Since the Wahhabi ideology or Salafist have emerged in the middle east our holy shrines ha ve been brutally demolished. They do not hold the views on Islam that is followed by the majority of Muslims across the globe,” said MSO president Qadri.