Another video showing Reliance sticker on Saudi Oxygen tanker leaves all guessing

Saudi Arabia was among the first countries to announce medical aid for India when the Covid-19 second wave intensified in the country

New Delhi: Days after a video showing Reliance Foundation’s stickers being pasted on Oxygen tankers purportedly sent by Saudi Arabia as aid went viral, another video surfaced that showed two stickers pasted on a liquid oxygen cylinder – one Saudi flag and the other of Reliance.

The viral video showed a truck carrying oxygen cylinder having a Saudi flag. However a sticker of Reliance Foundation is pasted over it in such a way that part of the Saudi flag is clearly visible beneath it.

Saudi Arabia was among the first countries to announce medical aid for India when the Covid-19 second wave intensified in the country. The Kingdom rushed 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen amid the acute shortage the cities like Delhi, Lucknow and other places were facing.

Along with Saudi Arabia, other Arab states including Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and also Egypt dispatched medical aid to India in the time of distress.

However, a video emerged showing two men pasting Reliance stickers on oxygen cylinders which netizens believed were sent by Saudi Arabia.

Amidst wild speculations, Reliance issued a statement saying it has airlifted 24 ISO containers from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Thailand adding 500 MT of new transportation capacity for liquid oxygen.

The new video however once again raked up the debate whether the liquid cylinder sent by Saudi Arabia is actually passed as one gifted from Reliance Foundation, and if not so, why the Saudi flag is being hided in such a way.

Reliance Foundation or Reliance Industries, or the Indian government is yet to make any clarification on the new video.

Earlier, questions were raised by a number of opposition party leaders, including senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi about the lack of transparency in the utilization of foreign medical aid.

“Questions about COVID foreign aid: What all supplies has India received? Where are they? Who is benefiting from them? How are they allocated to States? Why no transparency? Any answers, GOI,” Rahul Gandhi had posed these questions on May 6.

Meanwhile, India’s Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan once again acknowledged the medical aid sent by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and other Arab states.

“Had close consultations during the last week with my counterparts from Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar on ways to increase import of LMO into India. Deeply appreciate the initial gesture of goodwill with complimentary LMO supplies particularly from UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia”, he wrote on Twitter Friday.

Source: Ummid


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