Anchor working for Mukesh Ambani’s TV channel called ‘lowly journalist’ by Congress spokesperson; ‘cheap copy’ of Arnab Goswami accused of lying in LIVE debate

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate is earning widespread praise for exposing a TV anchor working for Mukesh Ambani-owned News18 India. This was after Amish Devgan misquoted her and accused the Congress spokesperson of calling for a US Capitol-like siege in India. This prompted Shrinate to school Devgan, often referred to as a cheap copy of Arnab Goswami, during the LIVE TV debate.

In the viral video clip, Shrinate could be heard saying, “26 January is our Republic Day. The Constitution is supreme. Those who are hell-bent on shredding the constitution, must pause and do some introspection on that day.”

No sooner had the Congress spokesperson finished giving her advice to the ruling BJP for introspection, the controversial anchor concluded that Shrinate was issuing a call for US Capitol-like siege by farmers in India! He yelled, “So, you want a repeat of Capitol Hill. The Congress spokesperson is officially saying this.”

Stunned by Devgan’s conclusion, Shrinate said emphatically, “Absolutely not. You are now stooping low.” She kept on repeating these lines to reject Devgan’s allegations but to no avail.

Devgan shouted, “You said just now. You just said that ‘this is what I want’.”

Shrinate said, “Tum gire hue patrakar ho (You are a journalist of low standards). Don’t do lowly journalism.”

The Congress spokesperson repeated what she had said once again in a bid to establish that the anchor working for the Mukesh Ambani-owned TV channel had lied. She said, “I said that this is Republic Day and the government, which is shredding our constitution to pieces needs to self-introspect. What kind of Hindi I spoke that you are unable to understand?”

The video of the Congress spokesperson schooling the TV anchor has gone viral making Devgan a topic of public ridicule. Congress supporters, in particular, were quick to share the clip with demeaning captions.

Congress office-bearer Gaurav Pandhi wrote, “This is what is called ultimate thrashing in scriptures.” Another Congress functionary wrote, “She gave him a tight slap after rolling her sleeves.”

Devgan is often ridiculed as ‘B&D’ journalist ever since late Congress spokesperson, Rajeev Tyagi, addressed him as a ‘news trader’ and a ‘pimp’ during a live TV debate.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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