An adult woman free to live wherever, with whomever she wants, says Delhi High Court

An adult woman is free to reside wherever she wishes and with whosoever she wishes, the Delhi High Court observed on Tuesday while hearing a habeas corpus plea.

The Delhi High court on Tuesday said that an adult woman “is free to reside wherever she wishes and with whosoever she wishes”. The court’s order reiterated a principle laid down by the Supreme Court.

The Delhi High Court’s observation was made in a habeas corpus case filed by the family members of a woman who claimed that the 20-year-old had “gone missing” on September 12. The family also alleged that the woman had been “falsely induced” into leaving her family home.

A Delhi High Court bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rajnish Bhatnagar heard the matter and recorded the statement of the woman, who deposed via video-conferencing. The woman told the court that she’s an adult and had willingly left her family. The woman also told the court that she had willingly gotten married.

The Delhi High Court has now directed the Delhi Police to escort the woman to the house of her husband, and also asked the police to “counsel the parents to not take law into their own hands” or to threaten the couple. The court also ordered that the phone number of the beat constable of the area in which the coupe resides should be given to the couple so that they can get in touch with the police “in case of need”.

Source: India Today


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