AMU Malappuram’s fervor at Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebrations!

MALAPPURAM: Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebrations, which sat at the helm of affairs and preparations for the last one year, culminated beautifully at AMU Malappuram Centre with great fervor and enthusiasm.

MP Abdul Wahab, MP Kunhalikutty Padamshree Madav Menon with Director Prof. Abdur Rasheed K.M on Sir Syed Day Celebration 2017 at AMU Malappuram.

The Director, Professor Abdur Rasheed K.M, welcomed all the honorary Dignitaries and duly
highlighted the contributions made by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the Visionary and the
forerunner for the educational upliftment of the Minority community and for the
modern Scientific Education. He said that development of the Centre at
Malappuram will help remove the backwardness of the Community.

Padmashree Professor N.R Madhva Menon, who is the first PhD scholar from Law
faculty of AMU and also the founder of NALSAR, was introduced to the gathering.
In his comommerative speech on Sir Syed, Professor Menon congratulated the
Aligarh community for their contributions in education in the backward areas of
UP. He said that now AMU is second to none. At AMU, the students from poor
families also get the opportunity to get modern education.

Prof. Madhava Menon gave certain suggestions for the development of the Centre into a full-fledged university by giving examples of NLU’s developmental model all over the country. He expressed a positive hope that Central Government will
provide all necessary support for the development of the Centre. He offered to
donate his personal books to the AMUMC library. Prof. Menon requested the
Centre Authorities to establish a Development Fund of Rs.2000/- Crores in the
name of Sir Syed on his 200 th Birth Anniversary, to carry his vision forward to the
21 st Century and he offered one lakh Rupees to the fund; so as to develop the
Centre into an Autonomous University under AMU, in the present scenario.
Shri P.K Kunhalikutty (M.P) appreciated the Director’s efforts for developing the
Centre. He was also referring to the meeting got convened by the Director, at the
State capital with the Speaker and the Chief Minister for the welfare of the
Centre. He said that Aligarh has contributed a lot for the development of the
Nation. He suggested that backwardness of the Nation can be removed, once the
communities come together and work for the educational renaissance.
Shri. P.V Abdul Wahab (M.P) released the Hall Magazine of AMUMC and narrated
the contributions of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the Aligarh Movement. He was of
the view that Aligarh students have such kind of education that makes them
leaders in their own spheres.

Provost of Hall of residence AMUMC, Mr. Ghalib Nashter deliberated on the life
of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and pointed out that in his book Aabab-e-Baghawat-e-
Hind, that one of the main reasons behind the revolt of 1857 was that Indians
were not appointed in the administration and judiciary.
Prize Distribution was conducted for the rank holders of the various departments. Dr. Mohammed Basheer K., the
Convenor, Programme Committee, proposed vote of thanks in the morning session.
The programme concluded with AMU Tarana and National Anthem.
In the Evening session, Dr. Faisal K.P, the General convener of the Sir Syed
Bicentenary celebrations welcomed the gathering while Prof. Adur Rasheed K.M,
the Director of AMUMC gave the presidential address.
Shri. C.P Kunhi Mohammad, Chairman, Kerala Roadways Ltd. and who is a business
magnet in Kerala, inaugurated the session and appreciated the efforts of the
Director for the development of the Centre.
Mr. Mohammad Ahazam Khan, the Assistant Registrar, felicitated the programme.
Shri. Paloli Mohammed Kutty, former Minister, Govt. of Kerala, distributed prizes
to the winners of various literary and cultural competitions held as part of the Sir
Syed Bi Centenary Celebrations.
Mr. Shafeequ Rehman, joint convener of the committee, proposed vote of thanks in
the evening session. The Programme came to an end with the University Tarana
followed by National anthem.

Aiman khan, Abida Zakar, Vedant Mittal, and Mariyam Khan anchored the
Students under the events committee conducted several events of Speech, Skit,
Ghazal, mono acting, mimicry, etc. A Mushaira and a skit on the life struggle of Sir
Syed Ahmad Khan were played by the students after the evening session and the
Sir Syed Day Dinner. The students’ events were supervised by the faculty In-
charge of events committee, Mr. Shahnawaz Ahmed Malik. Mr. Ghalib Nashter, Mr.
Mohd Abu Shahid, Dr. Abdul Azeez N.P and Miss Neelam Faizan were members of
the events committee who coordinated students’ activities.
Cultural and Literary secretaries Salmanul faseel, Paranav, Aiman khan and Bushra
Wahid along with Palak Malhotatra, Syed Nishat Fatima, Saba Ansari, Ali sheikh,
Hamza Tirmizi and Mohd Waseem anchored various students events.

Mr. Syed Ahmad Saad, Mr. Mohammad Shakeel Ahmad, Mr. Abdul Basith, Dr.
Naseer Ali, Dr. Hayat Basha, Mr. Shahnawaz Ahmad, Mr. Mohammad Yashik. P., Dr.
Ms. Lubna Ansari, Mr. M. Ahsan Sadiq, Mr. Mohammad Hasan, Mrs. Sabeena, Mrs.
Abidha Beegum, Dr. Azmat Ali, Mr. Muhammad Haris C., Mr. Faisal Ameen , Mr.
Mohd. Afzal, Mr. Junaid Qasim along with students and staff were involved in the
various activities in the Celebrations.
Centre Alumus also came forward to attend the Sir Syed Bicentenary
Celebrations. Family members of the faculties and staff were also present on the


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