Alwar gang rape not political, but emotional issue: Rahul Gandhi promises nyay after meeting victim

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has reached out to the Alwar gang rape victim and promised that justice will be served to her.

Weeks after the Alwar gang rape that shook the nation and created a political storm in the middle of the Lok Sabha elections, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi met the victim and her family on Thursday. Rahul said “nyay” will be done for the victim and her family.

Rahul Gandhi also said that this was not a matter of politics for him, but an “emotional issue”.

Addressing the media after meeting the family, Rahul Gandhi said, “Nyay will be delivered at the earliest.”

Asked about Modi’s charges of Congress’s negligence in the Alwar gang rape case, Rahul Gandhi said, “I do not intend to do politics over this issue. This is an emotional matter for me. I want to send across this message that this behaviour against our women won’t be tolerated.”

He also promised that all accused would be brought to task, none would be spared.

“I would take action on all the things the victim and her family told me,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the FIR was lodged on May 2, contrary to BJP’s claims of negligence.

Gehlot said, “Modi is known for his lies. Everyone is aware of the fact that the FIR was lodged on May 2.”

Five men accosted the victim and her husband on a highway in Rajasthan’s Alwar on April 26 and gang-raped her for several hours while also beating up the man.

When the couple went to the police to lodge an FIR, they were allegedly turned away. Police allegedly said they were busy with the elections that were scheduled for May 6.

Source: India Today


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