AITUI agitate against Saudi Arabian policy to use Holy Places for political advantage

People agitating against Saudi Arabian regime and its religious policy at Shahtri Park, New Delhi, India.

New Delhi, February 2. Not only Hajj but the holy sites of Mecca and Medina are being used by the corrupt government of Saudi Arabia for their political advantage and the Muslims of India can not allow it. India’s Muslims also know that more than 900 scared places in Mecca and Medina have been destroyed by Saud’s corrupt dictatorship on which every Muslim should oppose. This point was found during the protests in Shastri Park after Friday prayers called by Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, the founder president of All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam.

Founder President of the organisation AITUI, Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Quadri called Saudi regime a rogue. “There is an ambiance of  religious proscribe in the Islamic World due to Saudi regime’s use of holy places Mecca and Madinah in its dirty politics. As AlSauds captured the holy land of Hijaz, Saudi Arabian regime is using the holy places as political tool. They find Harmain (Holy Land) and Haj a diplomatic implement and wish to control the Islamic World by using it. We do and will reproach the act” Mufti said. He said that Indian Hajis will not bear the interference in the Haj Policies. President of 1 million scholars and the people, AITUI urged Indian youth to reprimand the Saudi regime for its using of holy places as political contrivance. “Saudi Arabia uses its oversight of the Haj to bolster its standing in the Muslim world—and to spite its foes.” Mufti stated. He also urged to Government of India to not to be trapped to send women Hajis without Mehram (male guardian) as this is nothing but a face saving move.

Opinionated Use of Harmain is un Islamic- Javed Naqshband

Founder President and the main speaker of the program challenged the legitimacy of Saudi Arabian authority in the religious affairs. He pointed out the position of Islam and International law on banning the worshipping rights. “It is unholy and Unislamic to use holy places for the political motives. You see how they are banning the different citizen across the globe on the politice spite while Haj belongs to Islam not to AlSauds. Mutawa police (religious police) is hell and they misbehave with every other different sect Muslims.. Indian Hajis are the real victim with the deployment of these mucky people. You may be a political rival but cannot ban to perform fifth scared duty of Islam” Naqshbandi said.

Saudis beat around the bush on Jerusalem issue- Maulana Abdul Wahid

Young community leader Maulana Abdul Wahid said that under the Zionist supportive politics, Mohammed bin Salman is helping them to capture Jerusalem. Saudi Arabian dictatorship stopped its people to agitate against Donald Trump, American establishment and the Israel on the recent announcement on considering Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He says that Saudi Arabia has hand in glove relationship with Israel to promote terrorism in the region and that is weakening the Palestine issue and India Sufi Muslims are not going to spare Riyadh.

AlSaud put wool over Muslim’s eye- Maulana Sadiq Tehsini

Maulana Sajid Tehsini said that Saudis are misusing the holy places for the political goals. “They (AlSauds) play and inflame with Muslim Worlds feeling. Haj is being used to propagate for its Wahabi theology. They insult non Wahabi performers and use Haj as a political implement.” He said. “Harmain (Holy Places) belong to Muslim community not to AlSaud regime. It must be controlled, regulate and taken care by Organisation of Islamic Countries or similar Islamic consortium. That will stop them to access holy places as opinionated contrivance.” Tehsini said.


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