Action being initiated against Sanatan Sanstha, says Maharashtra Home Minister

Maharashtra Home Minister said that they are going to reopen the case against Sanatan Sanstha

Maharashtra State Home Minister Deepak Kesarkar said that India Today’s investigation which exposed Sanatan Sanstha members is being considered as an important piece of evidence.

Kesarkar said that tapes have been sought from India Today group and those will be adjudicated after which proper action will be initiated against the Sanatan Sanstha.

India Today exposed Sanatan Sanstha members involved in bomb blasts through an investigative story on October 8.

India Today /Aaj Tak ran a detailed investigation against members of the organisation Sanatan Sanstha, who were involved in bomb blasts in the past.

The investigation revealed and brought to light the facts regarding the role of the acquitted Sanatan Sanstha sadhaks (members) in the bomb blasts that happened in Thane and Vashi in Maharashtra in 2008.

The Sadhaks (members), who had been acquitted, confessed to India Today’s undercover reporters and revealed in detail how they had planned, executed the blasts. They said that it was planned in Sanatan Ashram at Panvel.

Deepak Kesarkar said, “Our action is going on and if we find proof, we will surely act against them as we did against Zakir Naik’s organisation. Tapes have been sought from India Today group and action will be expedited. As soon as we find proof against the organisation and once the evidence is scanned, which has been brought to light by India Today group, appropriate action will be taken.”

“All the accused arrested in the Sanatan Sanstha case are Hindus. The accused brought to light details in Dabholkar, Pansare case and they were handed over to the Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) and concerned agencies by the ATS. ATS did the investigation and recovery of bombs on their own. All those responsible were found and arrested during the investigation”.

Maharashtra state President for NCP Jayant Patil said that when Govind Pansare and Narendra Dabholkar were murdered, nothing happened for four to five years but after Gauri Lankesh was murdered, Karnataka police acted and arrested the accused.

Patil said, “Despite the investigation by India Today group, Kesarkar is not acting on it. Sanatan members were not active earlier but since past two to three years they have become very active and they have carried out murders and attacks. The evidence bought out by India Today group is hard and solid but the government is not acting on it”.

Refuting claims made by Kesarkar, Patil said, “Claims made by Kesarkar and his government were completely false. After 12 arrests of Sanatan Sanstha members, cases of murders, blasts, why is the organisation not being banned.”

Source: India Today


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